How to Increase Muscle Mass

How to Increase Muscle Mass – 3 Changes to Make to Increase Muscle Mass

Many skinny guys and hardgainers want to know how to increase muscle mass quickly. They’ve often tried a few things, but just can’t seem to really get off the ground and see massive weight and muscle gains.

If this is you, don’t get discouraged. You’re on the right track but you need to make some simple changes in order to skyrocket your efforts and see the gains you deserve.

Here are 3 simple changes that you can make starting today, that will show you how to increase muscle mass fast.

Change Your Diet

This is the number one reason most skinny guys fail in their quest of how to increase muscle mass. Without a solid diet plan and disciplined approach to sticking to it, it will be very hard to significantly increase lean muscle mass quickly.

Make sure your calorie intake is sufficient – you should be consuming at least 3,500 calories per day in order to gain muscle mass.

High quality protein is also paramount. Aim to consume around 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day, and try to get as much of it from as natural sources as possible, like lean meats, fish, nuts, beans, and pulses. Good quality protein shakes can come in handy here to make sure you are getting sufficient levels of protein in order to increase muscle mass.

Change Your Routine

Are you tired of performing the same old routines down at the gym? If so, then this could be the reason that you are struggling to increase muscle mass.

Our bodies are marvellously efficient machines and are constantly adapting to change. The problem comes when we perform the same routines over and over again…our body is no longer pushed beyond its comfort zone and so has no need to increase muscle size or strength to accommodate.

This is often why many folk will see a major increase in muscle size in the first few weeks of a new workout, but then see the increases plateau off. It is the initial shock of the change that spurs the body on…and so it needs that regular change in order to continue to see similar increases. This is also why many people initially lose weight on “fad” diets, then the weight loss plateaus off.

When thinking about ways of how to increase muscle mass, changing your routine could be a biggie.

Gaining Lean Muscle

Gaining good lean muscle can sometimes be a hassle; some people feel they just can’t do it. Well let’s have a look at the nutrition required to do this.

In short, to pack on muscle mass you need large amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats. These nutrients all serve very important parts in gaining lean muscle mass.

Proteins are obviously what our muscles use to rebuild and build new muscle fibres, in a process called hypertrophy, combined with weightlifting. As a rule of thumb, bodybuilders need an intake of 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. This is because our body uses protein for normal bodily functions such as skin and nail rejuvenation. Therefore, you need more than ‘Joe Bloggs’ down the road. There are many forms of protein, but Whey and Casein are the two you want to know about. Whey is a fast digesting protein which will hit your bloodstream very quickly, ideal for first thing in the morning and right after training. It keeps your protein synthesis levels high, but not for that long. Casein is a very slow digesting protein, which is perfect right before bed. Therefore, it is advisable that during the day you want a mixture of Whey and Casein to get the best of both worlds.

Carbohydrates are always a funny topic, most are scared of them, while the wise worship them. You simply cannot maximize your full potential as a bodybuilder without them. For the majority of your intake you want low G.I. carbs found in whole meal pasta, rice and oats mainly. This will minimize body fat increases, while pushing energy levels to the full for the gym. Many don’t know, but the majority of our energy comes from these slow digesting carbohydrates while weightlifting, therefore it is vital to have plenty. There are two times in the day where we are thankful for high G.I carbs such as sugars. This is first thing in the morning and right after training. In short, when we wake up after an 8 hour fast our body is in a catabolic state, where by as energy it begins to eat our hard earned muscle. By giving it an injection of high G.I. carbs we counteract this and they are digested very quickly and used as fuel, not stored as fat. This is the same right after training. There are some brilliant supplements designed for right after training, with high protein and high sugar carbohydrate levels. The amount of carbs to be consumed while gaining weight should be in the region of 2g per pound of body weight, day and night.


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